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I am Dr. Suresh Pattanashetti. My interest in dentistry began when I was growing up in New York. Two neighbors who were dentists were both very happy with their career choices and recommended dentistry to me.

While attending the State University of New York at Binghamton I decided to major in biology, and then applied to dental school at Temple University where I was accepted and earned my Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. Upon obtaining my degree, I pursued a two year dental residency program at the University of California at San Francisco. After my residency, I moved to Maryland to be closer to my family.

Since moving to Maryland I worked for a few practices before deciding to open my own. The greatest enjoyment I receive from my work is the connection that I make with my patients and the improvements in their lives. One example is an elderly patient who came to me with an old partial that barely fit. This improper fit caused great difficulty while eating. I sat down with her to discuss possible options for fixing the problem. She acknowledged her priority was to take care of her family and not always herself. She opted to receive the dental procedures needed to restore the beautiful smile she previously had. Now, at 87, she is thankful for our help–her smile makes her feel vibrant and healthy.

This is one example of patients who have entrusted us with their oral health. I am honored when patients communicate that they trust me and my staff and they feel that we truly care for them. Our patients are very important and that is why I feel blessed to hear them say how glad they are to have us as their dental team.

I take great pride in providing the best dental care possible. In order to ensure that I am on the cutting edge of the latest dental innovations, I am always taking continuing education classes, which typically exceedes the dental requirments needed for our license. I use the knowledge I gain to improve the oral health of my patients and their quality of life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I hope that I have the privilege of being your dentist.

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